1. Sofia Mamani | Corriendo Conmigo
  2. T-Mobile | Magenta Edge

Short Form
  1. Starr
  2. Teeth
  3. Neptune’s Dreams

  1. Alienación
  2. La Vieja Quinta
  3. Ovejas y Lobos (Post-Production)


Born and raised in Lima, Perú, Alex Fischman Cárdenas is a short-form filmmaker passionate about telling often unheard, intimate and honest stories. At 17, he directed the award-winning short film “La Vieja Quinta”. After graduating from NYU in 2020 Alex continued to direct short films (Alienación, Ovejas y Lobos) documentaries (Teeth, Starr), and directorial work for (T-Mobile, Adidas, Waze, Uber, UN). In 2022 Alex signed with Greenpoint Pictures for US representation for Commercials and Branded Content.

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La Vieja Quinta

Based on Julio Ramón Ribeyro’s Tristes Querellas en la Vieja Quinta. Memo's life is simple, he wakes up, eats cereal, listens to music, reads, and plays the crossword puzzle; all of that changes when a new pain-in-the-ass neighbor moves in next door.

  • Holly Shorts Film Festival 2015
  • Sacramento International Film Festival 2015
  • Denver Film Festival 2015
  • Festival de Cine de Lima 2015
  • Moscow International Film Festival 2016


Director, Writer, Editor: Alex Fischman
Producer: Andrea Cáceda
Director of Photography: Rodolfo Herrera
Art Director: Renzo Bazán
Gaffer: Agustín Lopez
Light Assistant: Pedro Moreno
Light Assistant: Jose Vasquez
Art Assistant: Edinson Salcedo
Costumes: Claudia Torres
Sound Design, Boom, Music: Christian Acuña
Casting: Ugo Mantero, Mirella Mau
Production Assistant: Karen García