1. T-Mobile // Magenta Edge
  2. Uber // Everyday Giants

Short Form
  1. Starr
  2. Teeth
  3. Neptune’s Dreams
  4. Sofia Mamani (Post Production)

  1. Alienación
  2. La Vieja Quinta
  3. Ovejas y Lobos (Post-Production)


Alex Fischman Cárdenas was born and raised in Lima, Perú. He's passionate about using film to capture intimate and honest stories from diverse characters. At 17, he directed the award-winning short filma Vieja Quinta. After graduating from NYU in 2020 Alex continued to direct short films (Alienación, Ovejas y Lobos) documentaries (Teeth, Starr), and directorial work for (T-Mobile, Adidas, Waze, Uber, UN).

In 2022 Alex signed with Greepoint Pictures for US representation for Commercials and Branded Conent.

Let’s work together!


Ovejas y Lobos

Narrative Short Film. Currently in Post-Production:

Set in Huaraz, Peru, 1985. The film follows a single mother who’s only son dissapears during the height of the countries internal armed conflict.

Starring: Sylvia Majo, Anibal Lozano Herrera, Edu Ramos and Amiel Cayo

Director, Co-Writer, Editor: Alex Fischman Cárdenas
Co-Writer: Taki Carranza
Producer: Carmen Calderon
DoP: Jesse Bronstein
Production Design: Renzo Bazán
Gaffer: Alejandro Caro