1. Sofia Mamani | Corriendo Conmigo
  2. T-Mobile | Magenta Edge

Short Form
  1. Starr
  2. Teeth
  3. Neptune’s Dreams

  1. Alienación
  2. La Vieja Quinta
  3. Ovejas y Lobos (Post-Production)


Born and raised in Lima, Perú, Alex Fischman Cárdenas is a short-form filmmaker passionate about telling often unheard, intimate and honest stories. At 17, he directed the award-winning short film “La Vieja Quinta”. After graduating from NYU in 2020 Alex continued to direct short films (Alienación, Ovejas y Lobos) documentaries (Teeth, Starr), and directorial work for (T-Mobile, Adidas, Waze, Uber, UN). In 2022 Alex signed with Greenpoint Pictures for US representation for Commercials and Branded Content.

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A short documentary on Teeth, who a year after COVID-19 ravaged New York, reflects on his legacy as the city's best subway dancer.



A Film by Alex Fischman Cárdenas & Gabriel Crawford Connelly
Production Company: Brickhead
Starring: Ikeem "Teeth" Jones
Director: Alex Fischman Cárdenas
Editor / Cinematographer: Gabriel Crawford Connelly
Producers: Alex Fischman Cárdenas, Adrian Sobrado, Max Grovit
Composer: Gavin Brivik
Color: Joseph Bicknell
Sound Mix & Design: Diego Carriquiry
Additional Sound Mix: Miles Crawford
Assistant Camera: Allie Iacono, Cece Chan
Unit Production Manager: Kristiana Priscantelli
Additional Editing: Kamila Daurenova
Special Thanks: Gabrielle Blix, Zach Tabori